Archives: May 2014

How to Keep your Curls!

We’ve had a few frustrated moms come into the store looking for hair pieces and having a difficult time with keeping curls in their dancer’s hair.  Here are a few tips to keep the curl when using your own hair: 1. Start with “dirty” hair.  Yup that’s right, don’t wash the hair the day you [...]


Capezio Pointe Shoes – How are they made?

They are the iconic symbol of ballet.  Little girls dream of one day getting to wear them, they dance around on their tippy toes dreaming of the day when they get their pointe shoes! There is so much work and love that goes into crafting a pair of these amazing shoes. Capezio lets us take [...]


How to handle “stage fright”

Most dancers go through it at one point or another.  Stage Fright!  What if it’s your little one that is suffering from stage fright?    Not wanting to go into their class without their mom or dad?  Refusing to go out on stage? How do you deal with that?  Usually your teacher will have some [...]