About Us

Greetings from the Owner
By Jean Gower

In the fall of 1983 On Stage opened for business.  It has been 30 years and the question I’m most often asked is, “what made you go into the dance business?” My flip response is, “I temporarily took total leave of my senses!” Four years of Nursing education, plus life experiences did not prepare me for the “bumpy road” ahead!

All you small business owners can relate. Every day there is a new hand in the cash register taking out what little money there is, and if you are really lucky you may have a little left for your own paycheque – or maybe not!

Over the years our pleasure has been to assist your little ones with their dance requirements and enjoy their enthusiasm. It is these precious times that make our “bumpy road” much easier. Our staff is knowledgeable because they are composed of dance students, dance teachers, former professional dancers and most importantly dance moms! We have all been there and lived to tell about it.

On Stage sales associates all go beyond the call of duty to give you excellent service. Everyone here is fluent in the strange language “ballet & dance” and can usually interpret your requirements list easily and painlessly.

I cannot thank this dream team enough for all they do and their patience and understanding. Customers are usually amazed at how fast and easy their dance shopping experience has been. We attend workshops, conferences, classes and product knowledge sessions as often as possible with the intention of becoming more knowledgeable and efficient and better able to serve you.

On Stage has a generous loyalty program for our customers and offer wonderful savings “events” throughout the dance year. After all this time (27 years) I still feel as though I am “building” the business and recognize the challenges that each day brings. I do not have to claim about being “the largest” or the “biggest” – I just know On Stage is the best.

We also examine products, research companies and carefully select the products available at the most reasonable prices. We look forward to more years with you as your “dance friend.” I look forward to more years with you and I treasure the friendships along the way.

Happy Dancing!
Jean Gower (Croft)
Amigos Para Sempras