A Family Business


So many of you inquire about my daughters, Sandi and Cathryn Croft. They indeed are my pride and joy and are still very involved in the Entertainment Business.

Sandi amazes us. She has performed with Shania Twain, Gloria Estevan, and most recently 5 years with Celine Dion in her show at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Following the close of Celine’s show Cirque Du Soleil offered her the position of Artistic Director of Mystere at Las Vegas Treasure Island. Two years later they promoted her to artistic director at the Bellagio and the show “O.” These amazing artists come from all over the world—many abilities and many languages, what a challenge! Sandi has traveled the world extensively so she is familiar with many cultures and languages.

It is a huge challenge to keep every act smooth—clean-perfectly timed and coordinated. A delightful part of her job is to entertain all VIP’s coming to the show. Getting them in and out of their seats unnoticed presents a challenge. Some VIP’s she has had the pleasure of meeting are:

1). Michael Jackson along with Paris, Prince and Blanket

2). John Travolta

3). Hugh Grant

4). Discovery Channel Executives produced a “soon to air” documentary on Cirque and Sandi was honored when asked to assist with the filming and for her again a whole new learning experience.

5). James Cameron who spent a couple of weeks filming a 3D movie at Cirque. She was honored when he asked her to assist.

6). and Heidi Klum who recently filmed her “Top Model” show.

Sandi’s niece Olivia aspires to become a new producer and is in awe of her auntie and “gasps” when she finds out Sandi doesn’t get an autograph!

Sandi’s resume is impressive and she doesn’t have a drop of DIVA blood in her body. She works hard, does her best and never complains!

All of the above is wonderful but it was very thrilling for me to attend the show “One Man’s Dream” in Disneyland in Japan and watch her perform as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Evil Queen! I saw all 5 shows every day for 9 days!

Cathryn enjoys teaching and adjudicating. Part of her teaching career was with Mr Sellier at the Conservatoire in Montreal . Mr Sellier taught for many year at the National Ballet—and of course Karen Kain was a student of his. Cathryn has also taught for many years at Studio Bizz and some of her students have gone on to professional careers.

For 14 years she coordinated talent and teachers in Festival encore at Trois Riviere. She brought in wonderful talent: Evelyn Hart, Rex Harrison, Karen Kain—as a guest speaker– groups like Tapistry, Tap Dogs and Jason Samuel Smith.  This Festival was a weekend celebration of dance– Performance and classes and show classes of various talent.

Cathryn also assisted with talent selection and instruction for the movie Snow White – Mirror, Mirror starting Julia Roberts.

She now trains and coaches dancers for Cirque Du Soliel. The latest creation is the show going into Radio City Music Hall – New York, and Kuza the European Tour.

When Cathryn isn’t busy with her own production company she is off guest teaching at various places such as Ecole Superiere.

Cathryn’s brother Richard and her nephew Joel are proud of her but they were most delighted when she was floor director for TSN Football Awards when the Grey Cup was in Montreal!Now if she could just get a position with the NHL— Joel and Richard would be in heaven!!

My grandson Joel is attending Grant McEwan for his music degree.  My grand-daughter Olivia is set to go to acting school in either New York or Los Angles.

Richard’s expertise is in the business world and is generous with his knowledge and support for me.  he is always available with a little joke, a chuckle and maybe a kleenex to dry my tears.

To think….it all began with a simple dance class…