How to Keep your Curls!

We’ve had a few frustrated moms come into the store looking for hair pieces and having a difficult time with keeping curls in their dancer’s hair.  Here are a few tips to keep the curl when using your own hair:

1. Start with “dirty” hair.  Yup that’s right, don’t wash the hair the day you plan on curling it, wash it a few days prior and don’t use a deep conditioner, use a light conditioner.

2. Use product on the hair BEFORE you curl it.  Too many people use hair spray and setting sprays after they’ve curled the hair and this causes the hair to weight down and the curl to fall out.  Also crunchy curls aren’t what we are going for here.

3. Use the right tools for the job.  Hair that is hard to hold a curl should use a 3/4″ barrel curling iron.  Ditching the Drug Store brand curling iron in favor of a professional iron is always a good idea as well.  The old saying you get what you pay for does ring true for curling irons.  If spending the cash on a professional tool isn’t in your budget we recommend using rags or sponge rollers.  See below for tips on how to use these.

4. Pin your curls to “set” them.  After you have curled your section of hair pin the curl to your head and let it cool that way while you finish up.  Then once they are all curled and pinned spray with a light mist of hairspray and unpin.

Hope these tips help.

If you are looking into using rags here is a great You Tube video showing the best way to put rags into your dancer’s hair:

And finally a sponge roller video tutorial: