About Pointe Shoes…

When a dancer is finally given the approval of her teacher to go “en pointe” it is very exciting news. Pointe work requires a strong technical background and “good feet.”

Pointe shoe fitting is not to be taken lightly and differs quite a bit from fitting a regular ballet slipper. This process can be quite time-consuming, especially if it is a dancer’s first pair of pointe shoes.

At On Stage we know the importance of having an excellently fit shoe. Because your pointe shoe fitting may take some time, we suggest you call ahead for an appointment with Miss Rhoda, our resident pointe expert.

Rhoda has 20 years of training, performing and teaching. She completed all of her R.A.D. training at the Alberta Ballet School as well as attending Banff School of the Arts on scholarship and performing with Prism Dance Theater. She is also a graduate of the Grant MacEwan Teaching Program and has taught in Whitehorse and Edmonton. Miss Rhoda also has her degree in Fashion & Costume Design from Vancouver City College.

With over seven years experience selling and fitting pointe shoes, Rhoda applies her personal and professional background to her fittings.  She has had the opportunity to both wear and sell many kinds of pointe shoes, so her knowledge is very well-rounded.

At On Stage we have over 12 different styles of pointe shoes for us to choose from, as well as 3 different brands of Pointe Shoes— something to fit everyone!

The Pointe Shoe Fitting Procedure:

Rhoda will study the student’s feet, legs, general strength and flexibility and begin selecting appropriate shoes.  She will then generally offer several choices for the student to pick from and of course the final say goes to the student’s ballet teacher.  You will be provided with an information sheet which will answer your questions.  A question period at the end of the fitting will also be available.


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